TMON Dialer utility


At some applications UPS target is Null modem and UPS ,not another TMON SERVER program at these type applications TMON dialer utility connects the target UPS to TMON SERVER graphical window. There is not IP address because the target connection is Null modem which is connected to UPS serial port directly.


To start TMON dialer utility is from Startup menu click start menu ,click all programs ,click TMON group icon and see the following menu item



Or from file menu click on Dial Up UPS submenu item



TMON Dialup UPS opens TMON dialer utility in front of the TMON graphical screen



There are some adjustment parameters at this window.


Dial Up number : The phone number which is UPS located site and null modem is connected to phone line

Modem Port : The serial port number which is connected to modem at this computer.

Dialer port: This number determines that TMON graphical window and dialer utility communication port. The given 1850 number is default but at some computers this port can be used from another program. In this case change this number by another port number and retype this changed number to TMON settings / system tab Dialer Port box




 The port numbers must be same at dialer utility and TMON server settings window. If the user decide to change this port number the jobs at the following order must be done


1)      change TMON server settings window system tab/dialer port number and click Apply button

2)      change TMON dialer dialer port number and click 1 time to Dial button for saving this number ,click disconnect button

3)      close both programs

4)      Open and click TMON Dialup UPS from start menu/all programs/TMON group

5)      Dial Up again





Important note : The NULL Modem which is connected to UPS must be configured from a PC computer.Connect null modem to your PC computer run Hyperterminal program and send the following AT commands to the modem.. All given commands must be supported by modem. If the command is supported by modem the response will be <OK> if the command is not supported the answer will be <ERROR>.


AT command



Auto answer response will be after 1 ring


Disable flow control at some modems (find equvalent at different types)


DTR signal disable


Selects power up configuration as userís profile 0

<speed string>

See the speed set up table


Store active configuration as user's profile 0


Communication speed adjustment is different at some Modems the following table shows some examples if your modem does not support any one of this commands please try the other command.


Speed set up table

Modem model

Speed string

US ROBOTICS sportster voice








For info see the linkModem AT command set