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T-Mon Admin Multi UPS monitoring screen:

It provides to monitor many UPSís that are installed in a WAN (wide area network) simultaniously. The UPSís are managed by user defined groups as shown in the picture.The UPS administrator can monitor and manage the UPSís with T-Mon Admin. The administrator can move the UPSís that have a problem to the Quarantined group and monitor them separately from the others.



T-Mon Admin Multi UPS ALARM screen :

When an alarm occurs in a UPS a red bulb icon will appear on the Multi UPS screen. Even if the alarmed UPS is not on screen at that moment the administrator will see on the group screen that there is an alarm in one or more group. You can start monitoring the UPSwhich has a problem , by double clicking on the group.


T-Mon Admin Selected UPS data screen :

When double clicked on one of the UPSís the UPS data screen will appear and you can monitor all the

UPS data of the selected UPS and can see the event logs of the selected UPS.



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