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T-Mon Server Topology

Operating systems supported :

TMON SERVER operates on Windows95, Windows98, XP, NT and Windows2000 , but normally it operates with NT or Windows2000.

Protocols : TCP/IP, SNMP, HTML


TMON SERVER connects a computer to the UPS ,collects data from UPS and serves the UPS data to the network. SerCon program receives data from TMON SERVER and manages the shutdown event on network clients (computers).
TMON SERVER can receive data from another TMON SERVER program by using TCP/IP protocol.

For each UPS on system ,one TMON SERVER program must be installed ,the connected SerCon clients to TMON SERVER needs a LICENSE KEY.

TMON SERVER receives all parameters from UPS, displays on screen ,sends commands to UPS. These commands are different according to UPS protocol and version.

TMON SERVER supports SNMP protocol (simple network management protocol) by using this protocol to access TMON SERVER is possible.

How TMON SERVER works?

TMON SERVER operates only on the computer which it is installed. Normally it is unvisible but if the user wants to see the parameters, clicking on the red TMON icon at system tray will open the program window. At windows startup, program will automatically start. If program is running red TMON icon will show up on system tray.

Right click on red icon, on taskbar select submenu item ,if you click open, TMON server program will appear on the screen.

During a line failure the user defined messages passes to all connected TMON SerCon programs and these clients will shutdown automatically.

At network communication TMON SERVER and SerCon programs uses an IP address ,so all computers on network must have an IP address.

In the UPS IP address window in SerCon program an IP address must be defined for TMON SERVER, otherwise communication can not be maintained beetween server and SerCon programs.

Battery backup time can be defined via TMON SERVER. Two client groups can be defined, for energy savingduring a line failure.
It is possible to define the critical computers to the first group, and the rest to the second group.If shutdown time of the second group is shorter then the first group , the first group will maintain longer backup time from batteries.

T-Mon Web server utility :
It provides to monitor the UPS with an Internet browser


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