.: Static switch unit management software
STS Manager

.: Static switch unit supplies continuous power to critical loads from 2 separate AC supplies. It monitors 2 input sources, if one of the input sources fails, it transfers the load to the other input source automatically. The user can also perform transfer from one source to another using the manual transfer switch
.: STS Manager software provides remote monitoring and control of the STS unit over RS232 serial or ethernet (TCP/IP) communication
.: Latest program version : 1.2
.: Program features :
Monitoring all measured parameters on STS unit from PC
Controlling STS unit from PC
Unlimited log records on hard drive
Monitoring all alarms
RS232 or remote TCP/IP communication option
Automatic e-mail send utility
Online help files
Event log calender
  Download the latest version (single exe file 5 Megabytes)
  Download the Zipped version
  Note : The file is password protected please refer to your local distrubuter of your STS unit for password