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Advanced Features

T-Mon Admin is developed to provide UPS management and monitoring in a WAN (wide area network) system. It supports TCP/IP and SNMP protocols. T-Mon Admin provides you to manage, monitor and collecting all the data logs of hundreds of UPS's which are connected to your WAN system and will save them for you for your statistics.


  • UPS monitoring:

    Input and output voltages, output frequency,
    load %, battery voltage, in some models,
    UPS interior temperature.

    Possibility of monitoring all the alarms which will occur in the UPS and will save them in time and date format

    UPS Management:

    - Battery test (only in UPS's that has the hardware)
    - Sound on-off
    - Weekly scheduling of UPS shutdown and start-up
    - It provides to save the selected items data log in a selected time interval and displays in a table.
    - It provides to monitor on-line the selected item data and displays in a graphic mode.
    - In case that T-Mon Admin computer is connected to the Internet it can send e-mail to the predefined e-mail address about the occurred alarm messages.
    - It can send an alarm message to a pager through the dial-up modem

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