What is UPS SerCon (Server Connector)

SerCon is a program which connects the TMON Server or SNMP agent ,to your PC computer, it operates with IP address therefore there is no need for any hardware configuration. SerCon receives the UPS information from TMON Server program and manages your PC for automatic shutdown.
For UPS connection ,you must use TMON Server program or SNMP agent for data transfer of a UPS, if SerCon is alone in the network it searchs for the TMON Server or SNMP agent.

Operating system

SerCon program is developed for Windows95, Windows98 ,Windows XP ,NT or 2000 server operating systems.

How SerCon works?

SerCon program works at the background of Windows operating system ,it uses two type of connection TCP/IP or SNMP to communicate with the UPS, if a UPS event occures it opens a window on desktop and displays a message, this window is always on top window. User can continue to work on any program. Only Important events are displayed on screen, such as LINE FAILURE ,BATTERY LOW ,UPS SHUTDOWN alarms . The other events will be followed from TMON Server by the UPS administrator.

During installation installer puts SerCon program to the startup programs group registery, so at windows startup SerCon starts running automatically. After installation you must restart your windows.

If SerCon program is running you can view a green SerCon icon on system tray at the taskbar , but you canít see the program window on screen ,if an important UPS event occures SerCon window will appear on screen, read the message and click close sign at the right top of the opened window then keep on working.