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T-mon SERVER technical information

Managing & Monitoring of Your Power

 Advanced Features:
 Complete control UPS

 Shutdown clients

 e-mail sending

 weekly shutdown program

 SNMP agent

 Pager code sending

 Alarm filters

 WEB server

 WAP server

 SMS message

Automatic UPS protocol selection

User friendly interface

Remote TCP connection

Remote Dial up connection



UPS monitoring:
Input and output voltages, output frequency, load %, battery voltage, input currents, charging current, UPS interior temperature.
Possibility of monitoring all occuring alarms on the UPS and will save them in time and date format

WebMon utility provides you to monitor your UPS via an Internet browser.

UPS Management:
Battery test (only in UPS's that has the hardware)
Sound on-off
Weekly scheduling of UPS shutdown and start-up
It provides to save the selected items data log in a selected time interval and displays on a table.
It provides to monitor on-line, the selected item data and displays in a graphic mode.
Monitoring from a remote computer with a dial- up modem is also possible,
if another dial-up modem is connected to the UPS.
In case Tmon server computer is connected to the Internet it can send e-mail to the
predefined e-mail address about the alarm messages which have occured.
It can send an alarm message to a pager through the dial-up modem.
T-Mon server software will communicate with T-Mon SerCon (server connector)
and will display the UPS and battery status to the clients on the LAN.
You can separate the clients on the LAN in 2 groups and shutdown one of the groups earlier
and it will provide a longer back-up time to work with minimized users.
It is possible to make a soft SNMP agent and then your system will be monitored from
different operating systems on the Ethernet network.
WAN management via T-Mon Admin. You can monitor and manage all the UPS's,
which are connected to the network (LAN or WAN) with T-Mon Server.
It is possible to monitor a remote UPS on the LAN with a second
license of T-Mon Server from another computer.

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