.:What is T-mon Updater and key loader

General Key Loader is a function of T-MON Updater program . For this function you must supply a Key number from your distrubutor for downloading any program from our products. The Key number is dedicated for you and it is permanent . The supplied Key is stored at our database and at the future you can use this Key for download any program
How can you supply Key number If you need any program or document in our product list you must contact with your distrubutor. They will ask your e-mail address and they wii supply a download Key dedicated for you . Your Key number will be sended via e-mail to you
How can I use the Key for download 1- Download the latest version of T-MON live updater& Key Loader program from this WEB site http://www.t-mon.com/download.htm

2- Install the Program to your PC computer

3- Run the program and type the Key number in the program. Program will searh your Key number in our system if the given Key number is valid it will download the Key related software.

How can I install the Liveupdater After you click the download link the PC will ask you something

Click Run button

The windows security window After you click Run button windows will ask you a security question

Trust us and click Run button

Windows installer screen At the startup of the installer user dialog comes to the screen if this installation is first the following screen comes

Click Next button and finish the installation

If the older version of the same program is installed before the following screen comes

Click on repair button and finish the installation


How can I run the Updater & Key loader program From start menu of your PC find TMON group and click on T-MON Updater

Updater program screen The following window seems on the screen

Click on input Key number button

How to type Key number

Type your key number and click on OK button program will download your software