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.: T-Mon UPS SERVER for windows

Collects UPS data in a PC computer ,creates TCP/IP server for clients and Admin ,creates SNMP agent in a PC ,creates a UPS WEB server
 T-mon SERVER for 3 clients  Manages 4 computers
 T-mon SERVER for 5 clients  Manages 6 computers
 T-mon SERVER for 10 clients  Manages 11 computers
 T-mon SERVER for 50 clients  Manages 51 computers
 T-mon SERVER for 100 clients  Manages 101 computers

.: T-Mon UPS Client (Server connector) for windows

Gets data from T-mon UPS server or SNMP adaptor ,manages power events such as shutting down PC

.: T-Mon UPS Admin for windows

Monitors UPS group on WAN network via TCP/IP or SNMP protocol
 T-mon Admin for 3 UPS  
 T-mon Admin for 10 UPS  
 T-mon Admin for 50 UPS  
 T-mon Admin for 100 UPS  
 T-mon Admin for 200 UPS  

.: T-Mon Updater for windows

Automatically updates T-mon programs from our WEB site


.: T-Mon STS Manager for windows

Monitors and controls the static switch systems